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Your Work From Home Guide To Productivity

Working from home is a luxury which we all crave for. Finishing what’s on your to-do list within the comforts of your home is like a dream come true. However, one of the main concerns of working from home is the risk of running low on productivity. Be it the relaxed atmosphere or the fact that you’re away from a charged environment with your team mates can sometimes lead to taking time for granted. But like all problems, this too has a solution and if you follow our work from home guide to productivity, we guarantee that you’ll finish everything on your plate and with time to spare as well.

work from home early morning

Get started early

Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean that you can take that extra fifteen minutes to get out of bed and get going. Make sure you’re up and ready, in front of your laptop at the same time as you’d have to be at work. You can start working with a fresh mind if you start early in the morning, without lazing around or letting procrastination get the better of you.

Make your home feel like office

Sometime when you are working from home, pretending that you’re actually going to office helps. That means not only getting up on time, it also means that you get up, take a shower and actually get dressed in proper clothes instead of your pajamas. Don’t allow yourself to take frequent breaks or do anything else while you are working. Doing this makes your mind accept the fact that even though you’re working from home, work needs to get done.

Choose a dedicated work space

This could be your bed, your dining table or a proper table in your study room, the trick is to separate your work space from your personal space at home. Confining yourself in a particular space allows you to remove distractions that you would normally be plagued by if you were working from home and be productive. Also make sure that your chosen space for work is uncluttered. Distractions while working from home can be aplenty and there is no reason as to why you should add on it and make things even more difficult.

work from home desk

Strategize, plan and set deadlines

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you can take random breaks and eat lunch whenever you want. In fact when you’re working from home, ensure that you’re breaks are as limited as possible and that you take the stipulated time allotted for lunch as you would while working from office. This makes things more formal and works wonders for your productivity.

work from home manage time

Track your time

Managing time while working from home can be quite tricky. Partnering with one of your colleagues who is actually at work or a friend who also works from home can keep things in check and not let you while away the productive hours. A self-imposed ban or a restriction on the amount of time spent on social media can be very helpful while working from home. Our tendency is that when we are not in an official setting we tend to get ahead of ourselves with the amount of time that we spend on socializing on the web. If you can get this under control then a large part of your time that would be wasted can be put to good use thereby increasing productivity.

Working from home can in fact lead to higher levels of productivity, provided time and distractions are managed properly and if you follow these simple steps you could even become the employee of the month!

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